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We run a top rated, family-friendly air conditioning repairs and servicing company in Adelaide. It is our most valued priority that our clients receive only the utmost in service – from AC sales right through to annual servicing. We have an expert working knowledge of all types of aircon repair and installation in Adelaide. We seek to provide our clients with the best of systems that operate at optimum levels – all year round!


Do you Need Air Conditioning Repairs in Adelaide?

If your ducted air conditioning unit in Adelaide is behaving badly then we can repair or service it in the most professional manner. If your split system air conditioner in Adelaide is acting up then we can help get it back to its former glory. Is your commercial air conditioning system upsetting your customers? Request a quote from our experts today. We have a specialist team member already waiting for your call.


If your air conditioning system is not working properly then it may need the focused care of our specialist AC repairs team. We employ only fully killed technicians with a passion for customer are, so you can always be sure of the best AC service from our company. If your system is doing any of the following then contact us today. Once your system breaks, costs will begin to rise. You will need air conditioning repair in Adelaide if your AC unit does any of these:


  • The air conditioning unit is making strange noises.

  • Your energy bill is abnormally high because your AC unit is labouring.

  • The AC unit is not performing as it should.

  • Or if your ducted air conditioning in Adelaide has started to emit a horrible smell.


We have the solutions to all of these air conditioning issues – and more. Regular repairs and services protect the smooth running of your ducted air conditioning unit, makes the whole system last longer and protects your initial investment.


Our team are always on hand to answer your questions. We also provide a range of respectable air conditioning sales products for Adelaide residents. If your air conditioning unit is beyond saving then we can guide you towards finding the new system that is right for you. We can even install it for you, with our fuss-free installation process.


Does Your Adelaide Aircon Unit Need Servicing?

Our industry experts recommend that an annual service is the best way to keep your air conditioning system fresh, fully functioning and to stop it from draining your energy resources. A misbehaving air conditioning unit in Adelaide will drive up your energy bill and ultimately cost you more money. Not indulging in a service for your AC unit can also result in decreased product shelf life... Even the best of air conditioning units will fail before their time if they are not properly maintained.


Our specialist engineers can come to your home at a time that is convenient to you. They can quickly assess the situation and advise you on any repairs or maintenance you may need. Don't wait until your air conditioner in Adelaide has broken down. Request a quote today and save yourself from future troubles.

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