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We have designed custom maintenance packages to suit your business. Each business is different and has different air-conditioning maintenance needs. Depending on duration of operation, quantity and type of air-conditioners and type of business, we can tailor make a maintenance package around your business model.

Why is maintenance so important?

Having regular maintenance on your units will ultimately improve the efficiency of your system. Often if your system breaks down it will be at the worst possible time, long waiting time for companies to come fix, and rather expensive. A lot of future faults can be found with the correct maintenance. You may not know this, but a blocked filter can cause a lot of damage to your system; due to inefficient air flowing through your cooling coil, can lead to liquid refrigerant flooding back to your compressor and increase the likeliness of a breakdown. A blockage in drain lines can lead to water overfilling and damaging ceilings and lighting fittings. If your system is fit with a condensate pump, this needs to be checked and cleaned once a year or it will void warranty.

What do our packages include?

Our package options include trouble free, minimum hassle and takes the stress out of looking after your air conditioner. Once a package is accepted we will arrange the best dates to come do our services. The packages include two different services.

Filter Maintenance- This maintenance is a quick service, we will come in and check the basic operation of the unit, clean/replace filters, and check drain operation. If we find something wrong with the system which cannot be corrected during the time allocated with filter maintenance, we will get a job raised with the correct authority and carry out the repair as a separate job.

Full Diagnostic Service- This maintenance is more of an in depth and thorough service generally performed in months leading into Summer. We will check multiple components which if fail may cause damage to your system or your surroundings. We will check operation of system on a detailed level ensuring your system is running at the best of its abilities. *This service also includes every action performed on a filter maintenance.

We are happy to come to your site and create a maintenance package that suits your needs. This is a free consolation which will require us to assess your site and the amount/type of air-conditioning you have. To help you get an idea of what is involved. Below are some of the template packages we design from.

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