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Our story began nearly ten years ago, when WOLF services was first conceived by a father-and-son team that would go on to become company founders. WOLF was founded on the premise that commitment, dedication and passion should be at the heart of all air conditioning in Adelaide. We believed that honesty and integrity are core principles that any business should seek to strive for.


WOLF Services operate as a family owned and operated business. The same trust that we share with each other is the trust that we want to share with our clients. WOLF was founded on the workmanship that is only attained by the true master craftsman. We seek to exemplify these core values in every installation, every job, and every air conditioning installation we do across our fine city.


Together we had a combined 40 years of industry based experience before we began on our adventure. Six years on and with numerous satisfied customers behind us, we are still as dedicated in our attention to detail as we were in those first few days. .


WOLF Director Saxon Learey represents the son part of our partnership, adding quality control and innovation to an already wise duo. His father and Co-Director Rodney Learey has an impressive 30+ years of industry based experience, and brings the knowledge of the generations before him. Combined, the two make a formidable team and a huge asset to WOLF Services. In the case of our extraordinary commercial air conditioning installation in Adelaide – they might just become a huge asset to your firm, too!


8 Years On...


After 8 years of running, gaining experience, and learning the best methods for air conditioner installation in the Adelaide climate, we are proud to serve Adelaide. We are a respected name in the air conditioning industry and we have a string of satisfied clients behind us to show for all our good work.


After six years we have managed to piece together a fantastic team, each of whom are happy to help with all of your split system installation, ducted air conditioning, or repair service needs. We are proud of the reputation, brand and customer base that we have built throughout the years, and want to take this moment to personally thank each and every one of them for their support. We couldn't do it alone, and each of you has contributed to turning our air conditioning dreams into reality!


The Future...


It is hard to know what the future holds – but we do know that it will be fun to find out! Our next chapter involves focusing more directly on the customer experience, learning new skills and adapting to the changing demands on energy efficiency in our modern world. If we here at WOLF Services know anything it is how to move with the times. The coming few years should see the recruitment of more employees, the harnessing of new business associates and the pleasing of our many new customers... we hope!


We also hope you will join us for the ride!

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